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Mapping the DNA of Integrated College Health Services Webinar Series


The Mapping the DNA of Integrated College Health Services Webinar Series will be a series of continuing education opportunities for ACHA members addressing the organization and delivery of integrated services (health, counseling, health promotion) on college and university campuses. Each webinar will focus on a key topic of integration such as integrated program models, culture building across professional disciplines, space design and layout, shared policies and practices, shared electronic records, and integration with campus partners. The webinar series is being sponsored by the newly formed ACHA Integrated College Health Coalition and will also include the development of a repository of evidence-informed models of integration, published articles, implementation guides, policies and practices for integrated systems, and other useful integrated college health resources.

Series Format

This series contains a number of webinars to be presented live in 2023-2024. See below for the agenda. Recordings of the webinars will be released 3-5 business days following the live broadcast for viewing on-demand. The enduring recordings will expire approximately two years after the live recording date.

Details about each presentation, including learning objectives and how to earn CE credit/contact hours, will be added as the sessions are planned out. Visit the CONTENT tab above then select a presentation title.

Continuing Education Credit

CE credit/contact hours will be awarded session-by-session. Please see the CONTENT tab above, select a session title, then view its CE Credit & Disclosures tab for details on the available credit/contact hours, steps for successful completion, and deadlines. If you attend a webinar live, you can expect the deadline to request CE credit to be two weeks following the live broadcast.

How to Register

There is no cost to attend. Registration for the series gains you access all six sessions, which will be added to your package as the sessions are planned out.

Click the green Register button at top right. For login and additional instructions, visit the REGISTRATION and FAQs tab above.

Already Registered?

You'll access the live webinars, recordings, evaluation surveys, and post-tests for CE credit/contact hours from the CONTENT tab above. Once logged in, select a session and view its Content tab. There you will see several components, the first one will be where you will "Join" the live broadcasts or "View" the archived recording. For more, see "How to Access Sessions" on the REGISTRATION AND FAQs tab above.


Please check back for detailed agenda once all sessions have been planned out.

Note: The times below are in Eastern Standard time. When you login and go to a session's Content tab, the time next to the link to Join the live webinars will convert to your local time.

Date/TimeSession TitleSpeakers
March 20, 2023
2:00–3:00 pm ET
Identifying, Sequencing, and Replicating the Essential Components of an Integrated Center Kevin Readdean, PhD, LMHC (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Luis de Zengotita, MSW, MBA (University of St. Thomas)
David Graham, PhD, LCMHCS, NCC (Davidson University)
Lindsay Philips, MD, MSc (Rochester Institute of Technology)
November 29, 2023
2:00–3:00 pm ET
Relational Integration: How to Develop your Integrated College Health CultureKevin Readdean, PhD, LMHC (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Luis de Zengotita, MSW, MBA (University of St. Thomas)
Jamie Davidson, PhD, FACHA (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Lindsay Phillips, MD (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Cathy Calvert, PsyD (University of Colorado Colorado Springs)
Billie Jo Baptiste, DNP, FNP-C (University of Colorado Colorado Springs)
Chrissie Bailey, MPA (University of Colorado Colorado Springs)
February 16, 2024
1:00–2:00 pm ET
ACHA Integrated College Health Coalition Drop-In Support Session: Technology and IntegrationKevin Readdean, PhD, LMHC (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Luis de Zengotita, MSW, MBA (University of St. Thomas)

  • Recorded On: 11/29/2023

    As the old adage goes, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. This is the second Webinar of our “Mapping the DNA of Integrated College Health Services” series. We will review the results of our culture building survey where leaders of integrated college health practices share their reflections on how to develop a successful culture. Participants will review common aspects of healthy integrated cultures, potential barriers, and helpful practices for developing an integrated college health culture.

  • Recorded On: 03/20/2023

    This first of a series of webinars on integrated services lays a conceptual foundation for the organization and delivery of integrated college health. This presentation focuses on administration and covers integrated program models and frameworks. The important elements of integrated services are introduced along with an emphasis on program evaluation. Participants will interact in break-out rooms discussing reactions to the foundational concepts, challenges they face with integration, and supports needed to navigate the integration progress.

How to Register

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  2. Click the green “Register” button at the top-right of this screen and login if you are not already. 
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How to Access Sessions

To access either the live broadcasts or the recordings that will be posted afterwards...

  1. Return to this page by using the link in your registration confirmation email, bookmarking this page, OR by logging in to the ACHA Education Center home and clicking on My Dashboard in the right-hand sidebar.
  2. Make sure you are logged in using the username/password associated with the email where you received your registration confirmation. See "What is my username/password?" below to retrieve passwords, if needed.
  3. Click on the Contents tab on this page to reveal the list of sessions in this series.
  4. Select a session, then click the session's Contents tab.
  5. The first component on that tab is the session component that will show a "Join" button prior to the live broadcast or a "View" button once recording is posted. See FAQs if you don't see the Contents tab or its components.
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What if I don't see the Contents tab or it's components?

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How do I access copies of slides or other handouts?

Access each session via the instructions above. Look for the “Handouts” tab on the session's page. The “Handouts” tab may not be viewable until just prior to the start of the event as materials are still being finalized.

How do I obtain continuing education credit/contact hours?

Access each session via the instructions above. Look for the "CE Credit and Disclosures" tab on the session's page. Here you'll find details on the type of credit/contact hours available for that session and instructions on how to successfully complete the required components, which include:

  • View/attend the session in its entirety.
  • Complete an attestation of attendance.
  • Pass a post-test with a score of 80% or higher.

Note: Certificates will be issued for each individual session, not for the full series.

What are the deadlines to request CE credit/contact hours?

For attendance at LIVE webinars, see the individual session's CE Credit and Disclosures tab. You can expect the deadline to be about two weeks following the live webinar.

For viewing the recorded webinars: April 1, 2025

What do I need to know about time zones on this site?

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What are the system requirements?

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