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Faculty & Staff Resiliency Task Force Webinar Recordings and Slides

Radical Self-Care for the Director During an Era of Chaos and Challenge: Connecting with Resilience and Courage When You are Running on Empty

Presenter: L. Megan Kersting, PsyD, Clark University

Webinar Handout [PDF]

Student Affairs Administrators of Color in the Academy: Building on Resilience Through Counter Narrative

Presenters: Stella Smith, PhD, Prairie View A&M

Webinar Handout [PDF]

Engaging faculty in prevention, early intervention, and resilience initiatives that promote student well-being and academic success

Presenters: David Reetz, PhD, Rochester Institute of Technology

Webinar Handout [pdf]

From Trauma to Resilience: Utilizing Lifestyle Data to Facilitate Client Growth and Change

Presenters: Monica Nicoll, PhD, and William G. Nicoll, PhD, Resilience Counseling and Training Center

Webinar Handoud [PDF]

Resilience Tree: Growing Pathways to Senior Leadership

Presenter: Shauna Sobers, EdD, The University of Texas at Austin

Webinar Handout [PDF]

Leading in Many Dimensions: Staff Expect Self-Care. Your Boss Demands Grit. You Desperately Need Resilience

Presenter: Micky Sharma, PsyD, The Ohio State University

Secondary Trauma, Burnout, and Resilience

Presenter: Jonathan Johnson, LMHC, and Dr. Raphael Coleman, PhD, MPH

Webinar Handout [PDF]

Student Affairs Professionals, Work-Quality, and Well-Being

Presenter: Hollie Chessman, PhD and Marcus Hotaling, PhD

Webinar Handout [PDF]

Restorative Practices and Resiliency for Caring Professionals

Presenter: Gina Baral Abrams, DrPH, EdM, LSW, MCHES and Frida C. Rundell PhD, LPC

Webinar Handout [PDF]

Creating Individual and Community Resiliency Through Preparation and Evidence Based Strategies

Presenter: Nicole Weis, MA, LPC, LAC, RYT-200, and Stephanie Hanenberg, MSN, FNP-C, FACHA

Webinar Handout [PDF]

Tolerating Moral Injury: Agency and Meaning Making During Challenging Times

Presenter: Philip Rosenbaum, PhD, Haverford College

Webinar Handout [PDF]

How Cultural Center Professionals Maintain Resiliency and Self-Care While Caring for Others

Presenter: David Jones, EdD, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Webinar Handout [PDF]

The Road to Resilience: Developing Resiliency, Grit and Emotional Fortitude

Presenter: Josh Altman, PhD, LCSW, MBA

Webinar Handout [PDF]