P29. Musculoskeletal Discomfort Due to Computer Use in College Students: Implications During COVID-19


Musculoskeletal disorders are prevalent in college students using a computer for longer duration. A survey was administered to assess their computer usage and associated risk factors. Sample consisted of 338 students. Females, 232 (68.6%) reported higher incidence of musculoskeletal discomfort than males, 106 (31.3%) (p< 0.009). Sitting duration, awkward postures and hours were significantly associated with musculoskeletal discomfort (R2 = 0.24, p < 0.000). Findings have implications for educating students about musculoskeletal disorders and healthy computing as students experience an increase in online learning due to the pandemic.

Poster Category: Research


Presenter(s): Priyadarshini Pattath, PhD, MPH, and Lisa Webb, EdD (Virginia Commonwealth University)

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