ACHA Aspire Mentoring Goes Virtual!

We’re pleased to offer the ACHA Aspire Mentoring Program in a virtual environment in conjunction with the ACHA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting. On Tuesday, July 15 we will be scheduling one-on-one pairings for mentors and mentees who are registered meeting participants. On Wednesday, June 16 we will have a number of group mentoring sessions that are open to all ACHA members.

Sign-ups for the mentoring sessions on June 15 and 16 are now closed.

If you are interested in ACHA’s Virtual mentoring program (open throughout the year), we are accepting new mentors. Mentees are encouraged to self-select a mentor and communicate directly with them to schedule a time to meet.


Was there someone who inspired you as you were just starting out in college health and wellness? Someone who gave you the confidence to move forward in your career? Now’s your chance to be that person for someone else. This program is open to any ACHA member who wishes to share their wisdom and guidance with a colleague who is eager to learn from your experience.

Why Should I Be a Mentor?

  • Receive personal fulfillment through helping someone progress, achieve goals, and grow in college health
  • Help to build intergenerational relationships and networks 
  • Strengthen the college health and wellness community, as new leaders emerge and become mentors to others


Whether you are a seasoned veteran facing a challenge or considering a new opportunity, or an emerging leader looking to your colleagues for insight on a specific topic, our virtual mentoring program is for you! This program is open to any ACHA member who wishes to further their professional development with individual help from our excellent selection of college health and wellness mentors.

Why Should I be a Mentee?

  • Gain one-on-one support from experienced college health and wellness professionals
  • Receive advice on overcoming obstacles and challenges, as well as advancing career goals
  • Develop self-awareness and new approaches to problem-solving
  • Gain a third-party nonjudgmental perspective, based on real-world experiences