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Anxiety on Campus: Workforce Strategies

Anxiety on Campus: Workforce Strategies


Anxiety on Campus: Workforce Strategies

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  Registration deadline extended to April 17, 2023!  

Staff burnout, recruitment and retention struggles, getting the resources you need, working collaboratively to meet the mental health needs of students—from coast to coast, these are issues currently causing anxiety amongst the college health and wellness workforce. To help address these issues, we invite you to join us for the second part of our Anxiety on Campus education series, which will provide you with practical strategies for addressing anxiety in the workforce that can be implemented on your campus. 

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Session TitleSpeakers
Strategies for Resource Advocacy and AcquisitionJamie Davidson, PhD, Associate Vice President for Wellness, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Rhonda Schaller,
MPS, MBSR, Assistant Vice President For Student Affairs, Pratt Institute
Creating a Culture of Wellbeing and Belonging: Recruitment and Retaining a Health WorkforceSara Nimmo, MBA, Director, Missouri State University

Lindsay Barber, MSA, Associate Director of Clinical Operation,University of Wisconsin 
Staff-Led Programming that Builds Community and Increases Retention 
Amelia Ross, BA, Administrative Associate, University of Georgia

Katryna Sardis, LMSW, Director, University of Missouri 

Jennifer Nealy, Administrative Associate, University of Georgia

Larisa Wallace, MPH, Department Manager and Assessment Specialist, University of Georgia

Sophia Hood, BS, Senior Support Specialist, University of Missouri
Integrated Approaches to Anxiety: Promoting Patient and Provider SatisfactionRyan Patel, DO, Psychiatrist,The Ohio State University

Alan Lorenz, MD, Physician, Rochester Institute of Technology

Cory Vu, OD, Associate Vice Chancellor, University of California, Davis

David Reetz, PhD, Director, Rochester Institute of Technology 
  • Recorded On: 12/06/2022

    Many institutions of higher education are tightening or cutting budgets at the same time that college health professionals face increasing demands for services and programming. This presentation will highlight how professionals can better understand their primary resources, make the case for additional funding and other resources through telling their story with data, and use time-tested advocacy strategies to enhance their advocacy efforts.

  • Recorded On: 12/07/2022

    The pandemic exacerbated challenges within many colleges' health and wellness departments, leading to burnout and rapid turnover. The lack of sustainable budgets puts many institutions in dire need of rethinking how we approach recruitment and retention, and to look for opportunities for a sustainable future. Senior Administrators understand and will explore best practices for recruitment. As equally important they acknowledge the importance of creating a healthy workplace environment that not only supports the employee and what is important to their identity but creating a culture of wellbeing and belonging -- one that encompasses our diverse campus population including students, faculty and staff.

  • Recorded On: 12/08/2022

    Retention and engagement have become hot-button issues at the forefront of the workforce consciousness. Employees feel unappreciated, underpaid, and overworked. This session will highlight two universities’ efforts to address crisis levels of burnout among faculty and staff and provide an avenue to enhance employees' sense of value, appreciation, and belonging. The session will address the specific needs of queer and trans employees.

  • Recorded On: 12/09/2022

    Integrated, comprehensive care addresses the increasing need for college mental health services in the face of a diminishing and burned out workforce. This presentation will define various integrated care terms, and describe the current state of the art. Challenges and strategies to overcome the reluctance and challenges of integration from both counseling and medical points of view will be described. Details of factors that led UC Davis to integrate its medical and mental health teams, the electronic medical record, and quality and risk processes.

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